Vital Document Request

US citizens who need to obtain a legally-valid copy of their birth document can send their request online without having to wait in line at a government office.

Nationals can receive their official document delivered by mail to their preferred address. The most convenient way to get the certified copy is to fill out a simple web form with the record holder’s basic information.

The birth report will be issued by government authorities and carry full validity to legally prove an individual’s identity, age, and citizenship.

Ordering online is the easiest way to obtain your certificate.

Required Information:

To request the certificate online, users need to provide the citizen’s name and date of birth, the location where the birth took place as well as the parents’ names.

In most states, requestors will have to provide a valid identification document. In a number of locations, users may be asked to prove they are qualified to obtain an official copy of the record.

Citizens may click here to request an official birth document online in just a few minute.